Mainline Demolition
safer systems for complex projects


BHP Kwinana, 1994. (BHP)





  • Plant closure and Liquidation

  • Demolition and removal of infrastructure

  • High-rise and complex structural demolition

  • Excavation, Fill and Reinstatement

  • Bridge and tower demolition

  • Decontamination & hazardous material

  • Rehabilitation and remediation of degraded sites


Peter Moltoni is Director of Mainline Demolition.  His experience spans civil and commercial construction, demolition, earthworks, remediation, waste management and recycling since 2003.

Robert Moltoni is a Certifed Building contractor in Victoria and has undertaken Class One training in N.S.W. and Western Australia. Robert and the Moltoni Group Pty Ltd hold Class 1 demolition license.  



To provide Safer Systems for Complex Projects. To achieve the objectives agreed with our clients while meeting our obligations and responsibilities for the communities in which we operate.  

To maintain an uncompromising commitment to our goals and those of our clients while ensuring the health, safety and well being of  personnel.

Zero harm, Zero Incidents, Minimal Impact.


Since 1982 Mainline Demolition has been providing services to  the civil, commercial, industrial and mining industries.

Mainline was first to implode City High-rise structures in Australia, has undertaken 100’s of mining and resource site closures, worked successfully on major International projects delivering safer systems for complex projects in demolition, plant closure and rehabilitation with hundreds of projects to its credit in Australia, Asia and the USA.


  • ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all

  • respect the values, beliefs & cultures of others

  • integrity, ethical and professional dealings

  • continuous improvement is an obligation

  • open communication, debate, dissent & diversity

  • to re-use, recycle and protect the environment

  • add value to the community we work in


Established working relationships with specialist contractors and consulting firms ensure that Mainline Demolition has the right people on hand  to tackle complex and challenging projects with scaleability.

A strong commitment to these partnerships which have been forged over many years enable Mainline Demolition to deliver the objectives sought by customers, clients and related stakeholders through innovative, cost effective and flexible solutions. Mainline Demolition is a member of the European Demolition Association.