Mainline Demolition
safer systems for complex projects


West Australian Newspapers, 1989. (Multiplex)





From Mainline's office in Perth, Western Australia we provide the administrative functions that keep us, our clients, partners and community connected, supported and up to date with what they need, where ever they might be. With 35 + years experience we know that good planning, organisation and administrative support is important for your business. 


Environmental protection and preservation go beyond the boundaries of the immediate locale in which we operate.  Hazard management and recycling of wastes are achieved with clean sites, clean air and zero waste being achievable targets for all operations. 

Mainline constantly achieve over 90% recycle targets on major projects.


At Mainline Demolition the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and all that come under our care are at the forefront of everything we do.   Every plan, decision and move we make comes with  potential risk so it is our ongoing mission to employ the very best systems and work practices to maintain our target of zero harm.


Mainline is committed to delivering services and outcomes that fulfil our clients requirements and exceed their expectations.   Over the years we have learnt that beyond stated requirements of a project, our clients measure quality in other ways. 

By striving to understand our clients better and align our thinking to those other areas we aim to add value beyond the contract . 


Hundreds of major project demolition, remediation, recycling and landfill projects throughout Australia and overseas provide us with an invaluable reference and planning resource.  This experience and proprietary knowledge when matched to our in house operational capability enable us to deliver innovative solutions meet and exceed client requirements.   


Training and development of our personnel is an integral part of our success and one that we are constantly working to improve upon.   All personnel are mentored and site trained beyond ticketed training programmes. On Site specific induction and daily regime job planning and take 5 procedures ensure the team and the individual are focused on safe successful delivery of each task and the project.